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Okay, so maybe you are having to watch your budget because of the holidays. I totally understand. But let's see if I can make this a bit more doable for you!

480 More Images

These images are great for social media posting, websites, blogs, emails, etc. You name it, it is worth it's weight in gold to have good images.

-120 for Landscaping

-120 for Lawn Care

-120 for Hardscapes

-120 for Swimming Pools

If you have purchased images from Jeanne before, keep in mind that these images are all BRAND NEW for this product!

12 - Editable Flyers

You will receive:

3 - Editable Landscaping Flyers

3 - Editable Lawn Care Flyers

3 - Editable Hardscape Flyers

3 - Editable Swimming Pool Flyers

Having flyers as part of your marketing arsenal for clients offers numerous benefits. Here are some key advantages:

1. Tangible and Direct

2. Cost-Effective

3. Targeted Marketing

4. Flexibility in Design and Content

5. Easy to Track Response

6. Quick Production and Distribution

7. Increases Brand Awareness

8. Supports Local Marketing Efforts

9. Complements Digital Marketing

10. Personal Touch

Editable Social Covers

You will receive:

5 - Editable Social Covers for Landscaping

5 - Editable Social Covers for Lawn Care

5 - Editable Social Covers for Hardscape

5 - Editable Social Covers for Swimming Pool

Changing social media covers (the large banner image at the top of social media profiles) for your clients offer several benefits for businesses and brands:

1. Keeps The Brand Fresh

2. Highlights Promotions and Events

3. Enhances Brand Identity

4. Provides Seasonal Updates

5. Supports Marketing Campaigns

6. Gives A Great First Impression

7. Provides Visual Storytelling

8. Increases Engagement and Interaction

20 - Editable Square Videos

You will receive:

5 - Editable Videos for Landscaping

5 - Editable Videos for Lawn Care

5 - Editable Videos for Hardscapes

5 - Editable Videos for Swimming Pools

Videos on social media:

Grab attention & boost engagement: More dynamic than text, videos hook viewers and prompt likes, shares, comments.

Increase brand awareness & trust: Showcase your personality, connect with your audience, and build credibility.

Educate & inform effectively: Explain complex topics clearly, demonstrate products, and offer tutorials in a digestible format.

Drive sales & conversions: Product demos and testimonials can convince viewers to buy, boosting your bottom line.

Videos make social media pop, fostering connections, informing viewers, and ultimately driving results.

20 - Editable Vertical Videos 

You will receive:

5 - Editable Videos for Landscaping

5 - Editable Videos for Lawn Care

5 - Editable Videos for Hardscape

5 - Editable Videos for Swimming Pool

These videos are designed to be edited to include your client's logo, website, phone number, etc.  

Vertical videos rule mobile:

-Seamless viewing on phones, 

no awkward flips.

-Skyrocket engagement: Higher completion rates & more love.

-Perfect for quick stories & product demos: Like mini-movies for thumbs.

-Easy to film: No fancy gear needed, just grab your phone.

-Platform paradise: Tons of options like Stories, Reels & Shorts.

Go vertical, conquer mobile!

Canva "Video" Training

You will receive our 20 video collection of the most up-to-date resources for Canva training.  

Also, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to change the sizing of the social covers to fit each social media platform. Along with the most recent Social Cover Sizing Guide for all platforms.

YES! Upgrade My Order Right Now!

Get This One Time Offer For Just $37

On the checkout page, you will see an opportunity to purchase an additional

60 Quote Images and Comment Sheet. 

You will receive:

15 Landscaping Quotes

15 Lawn Care Quotes

15 Hardscape Quotes

15 Swimming Pool Quotes

Here are a few examples of the templates you will receive:

[REFUND POLICY] Due to the nature of the digital assets in this offer, there are NO REFUNDS! When you purchase, you can't exactly "give them back." And why would you, anyways?

Also, please be advised that you cannot resell the social media graphics to your clients. You do have a license to post the graphics on your client's social media and websites.

For Support Contact: [email protected]

That will take you to our Zendesk support ticket system which is monitored constantly. You can expect a reply typically on the same day.

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